Sunday, June 04, 2006

Broccoli with sugar beans and cashew nuts - a disaster

Please have a closer look at this broccoli.

The meal today was a disaster:

Here are a few hints:

1. I heard that my boyfriend went into the kitchen from time to time. He has a sweet tooth, I know this. But I didn't know that he had found the cashew nuts that I needed for my meal this evening. Hide the important ingredients so that family members cannot eat them before the meal.

2. In the meantime you might have found this worm on the broccoli. The broccoli was full of worms. And I wanted to prepare a vegan meal. I was so happy that I had my glasses on, so that I could see this hidden worms. Always wash vegetables properly.

3. I was sure I had cococut milk in my refrigerator. Before I use something, I always check the expiring date. I could read: Jan 2006. We have June now. I was lucky, because I found another coconut cream on my shelf. Always check if you have all ingredients that you need.

4. On Saturday my shopping activities were a little bit late. That meant, that I couldn't get fresh baby corns anymore. I decided to take the ones in a can. I drained it. But it smelled so awfully that I threw it away. Always go for fresh ingredients. It is so important..

The meal was boring. Only the red wine was good. We needed it to gulp down the broccoli. I won't post the recipe. Also the rice was not sticky but wet. So I'm not a professional, but adventurous.

The pictures are not in the right order, but you can see a certain development. I hope you had a better meal.

And now I have to clean the kitchen. Oh, no.

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