Saturday, June 10, 2006

Potatoe salad with celery, capres and parsley

We had a glas of beer with it. Water is fine as well.
You can prepare the salad and you can eat it much later. The later you eat it the better it is.

Afterwards we had cherries, just cherries.

The salad is also very good when you are very hungry.

The ingredients:
potatoes, half an onion, 3 stalks of celery, 2 table spoon capres, parsley, 2 pieces of garlic,
vinegear, olive oil, salt, pepper, nutmeg, vegetable broth,

Cook the potatoes, then peel it and cut it. In the meantime cut the celery in thin slices, cut the parsley, cut the onion in very little pieces. Mix all the ingredients together. Pour the hot vegetable broth (75ml), oil and vinegear over it with all the spiced (salt, pepper, nutmeg). Always stir well.

Then wait as long as you can and want. Enjoy it.

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