Monday, August 28, 2006

Apricot streusel cake

Buy filo dough. There is a vegan one on the market. I don't do it by myself. Read the description. Sometimes it needs 10 minutes till you can use the dough.
Cut the fresh apricot in quaters and put them on the filo dough.

Up in the oven.

If you like to add streusel on it.
Streusel: 100 g farine, 50 g vegan butter/margarine/alsan, 50 g almonds, 50 g sugar, 1 cl Amaretto.

When you take less filo dough leaves, use less streusel. If the measurement unit says nothing to you, you can at least take the proportion.

Put the streusel on the apricot and up in the oven. After 30 min it is all ready.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Potatoes with salad and non-alcoholic beer

I steamed the potatoes (very little ones) in the basket of my wok. I put the potatoes in the basket, put water in the wok and brought the water to boil.
I started cutting the ingredients for my salad. I had a cucumber (from the garden of my mother), some mushrooms, a red pepper, a little bit frisee lettuce, 3 small cocktail tomatoes. Feel free to add whatever you have at home.
For the sauce I took olive oil, double as much as I took from the white whine vinegar with estragon and a little spoon mustard, salt and pepper.
I mixed everything. In the meantime the potatoes were ready.
I drank a non-alcoholic beer, my boyfriend a real beer.
Feel free to create your own salad, add your favourite food, be free with the sauce as well. As vegan people we have different oils and vinegars at home.
This is not a gourmet dinner, but you have raw food and the potatoes will make you full. And it is very easy.
Enjoy it.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I cut one banana in slices, I added sojayofu (a vegan yoghourt) and then I mixed it. On top I put the black currents. They give this breakfast a sourish touch.
You have protein, you have vitamins and it is a light start in the day. Enjoy.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Kenia bean salad

I bought Kenia beans (others will do as well), 1 red pepper, 2 tomatoes, 1 onion (but I used only 1/2 of it). Usually I don't use the icebox of the fridge. When I cut onions I make an exception. I use what I need and put the rest cut onion pieces in the icebox.
How to do it: I have a wok with a steam basket. I put 2 cups of water in the wok, I put the beans in the basket and steamed them, till soft, but not too soft. I want to have somethin to bite.
I cut in the meantime the pepper in small stripes. I cut the onion in very little pieces.
I removed the inner parts of the tomatoes and I used only the outer parts. Tomatoes often do not taste for tomatoes as they are too watery. That's why I removed the inner life of it.
In the meantime the beans should be ready. Taste one. Then hold them under cold water, so that they don't get softer and softer. So you can stop the boiling process.
I made classic sauce out of olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper. Take double as much olive oil as balsamico. Ready. It goes well with a piece of bread or rice. Why not?