Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hot Indian lentil soup

Please only look at the soup and not the dirt and chaos around.

The ingredients:
1 onion, 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, 50gr (a handful) red lentils, 2 potatoes, 1 large carrot, 1 small leek, 50gr celery, 1 small citron.
Cut everything in edible pieces. Put olive oil in a pot, add the onion and garlic. After a while add the red lentils and water. Soon you can add all the other ingredients. They should be covered with water when you like to have a soup with enough fluid. Add 2 tea spoons of instant vegetable broth and the juice of the citron.
How to make an Indian soup out of it: add half a tea spoon of cumin, a bit of curcuma, chillie to taste, a bit of pepper and a bit of cinnamon.
Cook it till the vegetables are soft.
Garnish it with a few cocktail tomatoes and mint. It is recommended in the cooking book to put some yoghurt on it. If the soup is too hot it's easier to eat it with the mild yoghurt as a contrast. I prefer it without it, but the white color of the yoghurt looks nice on the soup.
The source: Elisabeth Fischer - Kulinarisch-vegetarisch für zwei (A German cooking book by a woman, who has published several cooking books. Each recipe is good, that I tested.)


Karen said...

Oh my god this looks so good!

Elise said...

Good post.

denise said...

thank you ursula for the recipies. in the last 2 weeks me and my husband are having always soup at dinner time, it so nice, I-m trying to do a different soup every day, I will try you recipies too! thanks!