Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bush beans - potatoe salad

It was good. I tried something new again. I would buy white bread now. It would be good to this salad.
The ingredients:
Bush beans (200 gr)
Potatoes (400 gr)
6 dried tomatoes
15 black or green olives without stones
half an onion

For the sauce:
2 spoons olive oil
1 spoon wine vinegar
2 spoon dry white wine
Vegetable broth (the recipe was wrong here) I added a little cup of broth, prepared it in pot
pepper, thyme.

I cut the beans, see picture. Then I boiled them in salty water. When soft I rinsed them under cold water. I cooked the potatoes with the skin, removed it when they were ready. I cut them into roles.

Then I put everything in a bowl and mixed everything. It was delicious.

Drink: Water or white wine
Dessert: White raisins.


Andrew said...

Looks delicious!
Thank goodness the olives do not have "stones." Ha! Something got lost in translation, like the "pits." :-)

Ursula said...

It was very good. It had a touch of summer and France.

What is in an olive? Not a stone.
My dictionary doesn't help me regarding "pits". It says it is a spoon made out of wood. This doesn't help. :)