Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vegetable goulash

2 red pepper, 1 orange pepper
5 rather huge potatoes
1 onion
3 gloves of garlic
1 lemon
4 cocktail tomatoes for decoration

Spices: cumin, sweet pepper, pepper, vegetable broth

Cut everything in cubes.

Put oil in the pan, fry the onion first. Add the garlic and then the potatoes. After a while add the pepper.Add the spices, add water. Stir well. Then let it boil till the potatoes and the pepper is soft.
At the end I added the cocktail tomatoes. Enjoy.

As dessert we had oranges and nuts surrounded with dark chocolate.

All vegan and so delicious.

Friday, December 03, 2010


To get vegan food in restaurants is not always easy. Often guests like me are a challenge for the cook. Some cooks make dreams come true. The above meal I got in Brasil. I was absolutely happy.

Sometimes one has to challenge someone.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A winter salad, free style

It's winter and I want to eat a bit warm, too.

I prepared a green salad (any salad will do) with olive oil and basamic vinegar.

I put olive oil in the wok, added half a red pepper, some cut mushrooms. When soft, I added soy sauce and parsley. I mixed well and put all above the salad.

White bread is not so healthy, but it's so French, so I ate few slices of white bread with it.

As dessert I had some oranges. Time for a hot tea.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Dried fruit

Rice salad

A variation from yesterday. Instead of the fresh mango, I used an apple.......

Rice salad

A spring onion, 1 red pepper, 2 celery sticks, cocktail tomatoes, 1 ripe mango, boiled rice

2 spoons olive oil
1 spoon balsamico vinegar
1 spoon red wine vinegar
1 tea spoon Dijon mustard

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mushrooms and tomatoes

This time I mixed everything, the mushrooms, cocktail tomatoes and the basil. The dressing was olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Voilà.

Vegan salads:

Thank you for buying your cooking books via my blog.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Another simple breakfast

Some blueberries, nuts and raisins (to get some iron) and soy yoghurt. It's light and healthy.

Be creative

I used to eat mozarella with tomatoes, but mushrooms to tomatoes look beautifully, too and it is vegan. I put basil leaves on it. The dressing is balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Finished.

I had a piece of bread with it with soy margarine. Probably a French baguette would have been better.
I liked this dinner, fresh, raw, tasty.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Again a vegan dessert

The variations are endless. Some fruit and soy pudding of any taste.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A breakfast with a few almonds

The more often I update this blog, the more often I realize that it is a habit what we eat. It shows me the importance to build healthy habits. Once a behaviour became a habit it is easy to stick to it.

This morning I added some almonds to my soy yogurt and the redcurrants.

Vegan brunch:

Monday, July 26, 2010

A healthy breakfast

A banana, redcurrants, a few almonds and soy yogurt. Voilà.

Healthy at 100:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Something spicy on a cold summer day

I was inspired by the German vegan cook Attila Hildmann. The recipe is from his second book "Vegan Kochbuch vol 2".

Aubergine-beans-curry (page 23): (I always modify recipes a bit to my taste and what I got.)
Green beans
1 aubergine
1 red pepper
1 onion
3 minced tomatoes (I have also peeled them)
chili, garam masala, sunflower oil, coconut milk, vegetable broth

Rice (I put kurkuma in it)

Mis en place method: First I cut everything before I start cooking. I am glad that I have a rice cooker. When the rice is ready the cooker keeps it warm. One of the kitchen tools I recommend.

I put 1 cup of basmati rice and 2 cups of water in my rice cooker, a bit of salt and kurkuma. I switched it on.

So the vegetables were cut  in pieces, they were washed before I cooked the rice. Then I started cooking the vegetables. First I put the onions in my wok and fried them in the sunflower oil. When they started getting brown, I added the masala (I was generous and used 2 tablespoons). It started to smell delicious in my kitchen. Then I added all the other vegetables, also the tomatoes and soon I poured the coconut milk in the wok. We like to have sauce, so I was rather generous with it, too. I mixed everything well. This I did again from time to time. After 20 min the vegetables were soft. Ready.

Strawberries with soy yogurt. I marinated my strawberries with rum and sugar. This is not necessary.

Rice cooker:

Friday, July 23, 2010

My meals become simplier and simplier: tomatoes....ahhhhh

My meals become simplier and simplier everyday:
I had tomatoes with basil for lunch. The dressing consisted of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I had olive bread with it.
As dessert I had a soy yogurt with a flavor, probably mango (cannot remember anymore).
Later I ate a few pieces of After Eight.

This evening I go out with E, and I plan a bit ahead. Restaurant visits really mean that we eat more than we need to survive. During lunch time I try to eat less as usual.

Becoming vegan:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A breakfast

A breakfast: black coffee, a pear and a soy yoghurt with apricot.

It can be easy to eat vegan.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


During summer time I like to eat fresh and raw. Tomatoes are one of my favourite meals. I put olive oil and balsamic oil on it. I still had a yellow pepper at home. That's it.

A pear as dessert and I feel well nourished.

Allan Carr:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit for breakfast, why not?
I had a mango with soy yogurt. So good, so healthy, so refreshing.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Earth Cafe Living Foods

Almonds: This morning I added almonds to my breakfast consisting of a banana and soy yogurt. When a fb side makes me change my actions, it's worth to quote it and to mention it.

I quote from the Earth Living Foods fb side:

Almonds: A sm handful of raw almonds gives you almost 25% of your daily needs for magnesium & more calcium than cow milk. They're also high in antioxidants Vit E & selenium. Studies support that almonds may play an important role in preventing colon cancer due to their high fiber & they help to lower negative forms of cholester...ol in the blood stream. Lastly, '10' almonds offer the same amt. of protein as a lb. of meat.

Accidantally I discovered this side via twitter. I don't want to miss it anymore. Every day I get information on food in a digestable way (means not too long, to the point). Perhaps you like it, too.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do you know what we have forgotten?

He: Do you know what we have forgotten?
Me: No, what?
He: The melon.
Me: No, I haven't forgotten about the dessert, I only wanted to clean the kitchen first. Do you still like it?
He: Yes.

A melon as a dessert can be really enough......

Picture: I love the beauty of fruit and vegetable. I am in love in fruit and vegetables.

Vegan table: Get inspired.

Summer salad with almost everything

And this was my creation today.

Me: French style today?
He: What?
Me: The dressing with mustard and garlic?
He: Yes.

I cut everything that I had at home: cocktail tomatoes, celery sticks, carrots, cucumber, pepper, garlic, a little onion, mushrooms, green salad.

Today I did it very correctly. First I mixed the dressing in the bowl: olive oil, white vinegar (half of the oil), one table spoon terragon mustard, NO salt, but garlic. Bit by bit I added the vegetables and mixed it. The salad leaves I added at the end.

We had olive bread with it.

Now I clean the kitchen and then I cut the sugar melon.....This shall be our dessert.
And tomorrow we'll be a kilo lighter, despite the red wine. Yep!!!!!

Oh French vegan exists, too:

Ravioli with chantarelles

I tried something new yesterday at Tassilo-de-sebastiono.
This is surely a vegetarian meal and not vegan. But who knows what ingredients the cook has used. This main course was delicious. When we eat out I often eat vegetarian not vegan. I don't want to eat only penne al'arrabiata or a salad when eating out. I compromise, I know.
I am sure I can veganize this delicious meal. It was so good.

Yeah, we had a dessert (mascarpone with strawberries) and a starter (tomatoes with mozarella) and red wine and grapa. Ah. Too much, but I slept well after these tranquilizers.

Vegan Italiano:

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am hungry after an intensive yoga class. This evening we'll meet friends in a restaurant. Nevertheless I must eat 3 times a day. I try to eat less for lunch. One big meal shall be enough.

Tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar were great as usual. I forgot to water the basil plant this morning. I couldn't use the leaves for lunch. Quickly I watered them.
Kraut: I had bought Kraut. This was the last time. These convenient products might be convenient, but it was too much sugar in it, too sweet. It might be vegan, but I didn't like it.
Chocolate: As dessert (I always want a dessert) I had some dark chocolate with a filling.

It will be an Italian restaurant this evening. Ah, restaurants are the seducer No 1........OK, it is so.

Vegan planet by Robin Robertson:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A summer meal

Ah, tomatoes....
Again an easy and delicious meal. Quick done and vegan. More is not necessary.

The vegan table:

Is it difficult to become vegan?

Spontaneously I say:
1. It's more difficult than to become a vegetarian (no meat, no fish).
2. It's easier to become vegan (no animal products) than you might think.
3. And it is much easier to stay slim when you eat vegan.

PS: Vegan is a life style. It's not only about eating. But eating seems to be very important nowadays.

The breakfast:
We eat almost every day the same breakfast. It's a habit. When a healthy vegan eating habit  is established, it is easy to follow it. A behaviour becomes a habit after doing the same behaviour about 30 days in a row (I've read somewhere). Some behaviour may become much quicker a habit.

It is easy to veganize a breakfast. Milk can be substituted with soy milk. So it is with yogurt. There is also vegan butter or margarine on the market. Jam is vegan, bread is usually vegan, too.

Picture: One of my vegan breakfasts: an apple with soy yogurt.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer lunch

Summer time: I don't need so much food. To drink water is important. Salads please me, a few tomatoes are OK, too. Yeah. Enough. I am full. It was a quick meal and healthy.

Monday, July 12, 2010

An apple with soy yogurt

I had a light breakfast this morning: an apple with soy yogurt.
Since I update this vegan blog on a regular basis I realize that my meals are rather similar.
The more it is important to make good choices. To eat well can become a habit.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chocolate lover

I was looking for quite some time to find vegan chocolate that I like. I found it. Helleman produces very delicious dark chocolate with a filling that is sooooooo good. I also like the size of the chocolate.

Sometimes one has to search for the right product. It's worth it. I am not sure if this brand is available around the globe. But dark chocolate is available everywhere, where chocolate is available and loved.

Becoming vegan:

A second breakfast

Oh, I was hungry after my yoga practice. I needed a second breakfast. It consisted of a piece of bread, soy margarine and self-made apricot jam from my mother. I had more than one pieces of bread.......
It's a classic breakfast and vegan.


Greek restaurant

We were out yesterday. We went to the Greek restaurant. For address details go to my travel blog: georgios taverne.

This is a meal that is easy to prepare at home:
It's a salad and grilled artichokes and pepper. Ouzo and retsina complement this Greek meal.
To eat vegan needn't to be complicated.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Italians

Hahahaha, I have already eaten half of the penne al'arrabiata from my main course when I took the picture.
And I have forgotten to take a picture of the starter "mozzarella with tomatoes and basil leaves".
Two glasses of red wine, half a bottle of water and a grappa complemented this meal.

The mozzarella and the mascarpone cream were not vegan. I hope always that the noodles are not made with eggs.
It's obviously work in progress to become vegan.

In the last days I've posted how my meals usually look like. It's obvious that it is difficult to stay slim when eating out all day. I don't eat out every day, but sometimes and then I enjoy it.
My meals are much smaller portions and yeah vegan, not only vegetarian.
It is possible to eat only half of the main course and not to order a dessert. It should be possible. Sometimes I am able to behave like that. Not always. Yesterday I enjoyed the whole programme. This morning when I stepped on the scales (47,7 kg the day before 46,9 kg) I thought, that's how it is.

Oh, it was a wonderful evening to sit in a garden with E, having time for each other.

Today I will prepare our meals........:) It will be even raw........hahahaha.........

PS: the 2 different noodles are a good idea for a vegan meal. One sauce is tomatoes with garlic and chili, the other is pesto. It's available in shops.

Becoming vegan:

Friday, July 09, 2010

Light and quick summer meal

Oh, I must have been hungry. The picture is not one of my best. My orange juice is cut.

I had these little tomatoes at home and still a piece of a cucumber. I cut them and poured olive oil and balsamic vinegar over it. I put basil leaves on top and voilà.
I had 2 pieces of olive bread with it.

As dessert I had a banana and dark chocolate soy pudding.
Beverage: orange juice without sugar.

Yes, I am full.
I wanted to have a light meal, as I will go out with E for dinner this evening. Then I usually have more calories on my plate.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


A banana is enough for breakfast before my intensive yoga practice.
We need less food than we think we need.

This banana is already eaten. It does not exist anymore......oh.

Becoming vegan:

Honeydew melon

Me: Let's share a honeydew melon.
He: Why not.


Summer time, fruit time......
This seems to be enough for me on such a hot summer day like today.

A classic

My classic breakfast consisted of self-made strawberry jam, soy margarine and olive bread......
It's simple and good. It's for days when I feel a bit hungrier than usual......:)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What do you eat?

"What do you eat?" I hear this in 90% of all cases when I say that I eat vegan. Here you have it.

I was creative today, inspired by the soccer match this evening. I tried to find vegetables and fruit in the colors of the German flag (black, red, golden).

Salad leaves, pepper, tomatoes  for the salad. Olive oil and balsamico for the dressing. Three different ingredients are enough to my taste. I ate an olive bread with it.

For the dessert I used a vanilla soy pudding, strawberries (option: marinate them in rum with sugar) and blueberries.

This is enough, I feel really full. It is good to eat salad (raw) for lunch as it takes time to digest it.

Feel free to create your own food in the colors of the flag of the nation you are born.

If you want to publish it here......send it to me, then you are my guest blogger. Be the first.....

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I love my 2 cups of coffee in the morning. I usually appreciate it when the coffee comes with a glass of water when I am in a cafe. I should drink a glass of water to the coffee.......oh what a nice idea in the morning.

Salad is best in summer time.....

Before mixing....

After mixing.....

The dessert......

I was creative. I took salad leaves, parsley, rucola, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumber.
For the dressing I took olive oil, red wine vinegar and terragon mustard.

Mixing well is essential. Voilà, I had a light summer meal. The terragon mustard gives the meal a French touch. I ate a sunflower bread with it.

Vegan salads:

After Eight

There are a lot of sweet products on the market that are without animal products.

After Eight: