Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sicilian pepper salad

Sometimes I find interesting recipes in cooking books, I only have to veganize it a bit, i.e. not to add eggs.

The ingredients I adjusted to 2 people:
1 red pepper
2 stems of celery
1 apple
2 tomatoes (I only used the flesh, not the juicy inside the tomato) (I was too lazy to remove the skin, but this is possible. For this pour hot water over the tomatoes and peel them.)
For the sauce:Half a citron, pepper, white wine vinegar, olive oil.
(In the recipe terragon was recommended. This gives the salad surely an interesting taste. But I had no terragon at home. ohhhhh)

I prepared the sauce first in the bowl. Bit by bit I added the ingredients and mixed well.
The salad needn't be be eaten at once.

Use the vinegar carefully, so that the salad won't become sour.

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