Monday, March 08, 2010

A leek soup with Italian letter noodles

It looks a bit boring this hot soup, but it wasn't.
I measured the required water with this bowl and I added some more to have a soup. I cut one stem of leek and added it to the boiling water. Later I added 30 g of the letter noodles. This amount was recommended on the parcel.
Spices: soy sauce and ginger and a broth cube.

I ate a piece of bread with margarine to it.

This soup warmed me from the inside out and it was quick done.


Claudia said...

very nice, looks wonderful for a cold day

Karla said...

where do you get the italian letter noodles? I am looking for letter noodles!

Ursula said...

I bought them in a bio-shop. You should get them everywhere. They are without eggs, of course. Look in the noodle section.

Happy cooking. :)