Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mousse au chocolat

I couldn't resist, I had to taste the mousse au chocolat this moring. I had prepared it yesterday. It should be the dessert after the Ratatouille. But then we ate out.
I took a table spoon and tasted. I think it is good, a bit hard perhaps, not really sweet, something for grown-up people.
A mousse au chocolat does not need decoration.

How I did it:
I bought dark chocolate (70% cacao) 150gr, 1 box silken tofu, 3 table spoon rum (80%), 3 table spoon sugar and a vanille sugar.

I put everything in the blender except the chocolate. The chocolate I made liquid in a bain de mari, then I gave it to the other ingredients in the blender. I mixed everything and put it in dessert bowls. In the fridge it should cool down. The chocolat would become hard again, a bit too hard.
Next time I'd take a bit less chocolat and a bit more sugar. This will make the dessert softer. It's all experience. The dessert does not taste vegan, it has a strong chocolate taste.

To cook is experience.

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