Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I prepared a similar meal like yesterday. Most people eat every day similar food. This is why it is important to think what it is that we eat on a daily basis. What we eat is a habit. Habits we can change.

Today I had 3 cocktail tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms. For the dressing I used olive oil and white wine vinegar. I put basil on the tomatoes and a bit of salt (not necessary, it can also be pepper if you suffer from high blood pressure). The piece of bread was a pumpkin seed bread. I put sojola on it (vegan butter) and Gomasio (sesame seeds). Gomasio is rich in iron.

As dessert I had a mango soy yoghurt. I added a fresh apricot.

Yep, I drank red wine today. Water is always good.

I feel full now. I am sure that this food was healthy as it was fresh and raw. No restaurant offers me such a healthy meal, so cheap and quickly done.......


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