Monday, June 28, 2010

White bean salad

Yep, my vegan lunch today. I was inspired by a vegan cook: Attila Hildmann. His books are only available in German language.

The salad: I bought canned white beans and rinsed them. I cut a red pepper. I also cut a red onion. For the dressing I used half a citron and 2 spoons of olive oil. I added pepper and garlic. Parsley was part of the recipe. It would have been good, but I was too lazy to go to another grocery store.
I had olive bread with it. Of course every other bread will do as well.

The dessert: I cut a banana and put vanilla soy pudding on it. Yeah, it can be that simple. I personally don't need a 5 star dessert every day, I want something sweet, that's it.

This was my main meal for today........

The recipe is by Attila Hildmann . The book is only available for German readers.


Debb said...

This sounds wonderful, and will be my noon meal today. I will add arugula from the garden (and maybe a chopped tomatoe). Thanks for the inspiratinon in the kitchen and on the mat.

Ursula said...

A delicious food needn't to be complicated. It's great when you can add something from the garden. Enjoy.....:)