Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is it difficult to become vegan?

Spontaneously I say:
1. It's more difficult than to become a vegetarian (no meat, no fish).
2. It's easier to become vegan (no animal products) than you might think.
3. And it is much easier to stay slim when you eat vegan.

PS: Vegan is a life style. It's not only about eating. But eating seems to be very important nowadays.

The breakfast:
We eat almost every day the same breakfast. It's a habit. When a healthy vegan eating habit  is established, it is easy to follow it. A behaviour becomes a habit after doing the same behaviour about 30 days in a row (I've read somewhere). Some behaviour may become much quicker a habit.

It is easy to veganize a breakfast. Milk can be substituted with soy milk. So it is with yogurt. There is also vegan butter or margarine on the market. Jam is vegan, bread is usually vegan, too.

Picture: One of my vegan breakfasts: an apple with soy yogurt.

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