Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Italians

Hahahaha, I have already eaten half of the penne al'arrabiata from my main course when I took the picture.
And I have forgotten to take a picture of the starter "mozzarella with tomatoes and basil leaves".
Two glasses of red wine, half a bottle of water and a grappa complemented this meal.

The mozzarella and the mascarpone cream were not vegan. I hope always that the noodles are not made with eggs.
It's obviously work in progress to become vegan.

In the last days I've posted how my meals usually look like. It's obvious that it is difficult to stay slim when eating out all day. I don't eat out every day, but sometimes and then I enjoy it.
My meals are much smaller portions and yeah vegan, not only vegetarian.
It is possible to eat only half of the main course and not to order a dessert. It should be possible. Sometimes I am able to behave like that. Not always. Yesterday I enjoyed the whole programme. This morning when I stepped on the scales (47,7 kg the day before 46,9 kg) I thought, that's how it is.

Oh, it was a wonderful evening to sit in a garden with E, having time for each other.

Today I will prepare our meals........:) It will be even raw........hahahaha.........

PS: the 2 different noodles are a good idea for a vegan meal. One sauce is tomatoes with garlic and chili, the other is pesto. It's available in shops.

Becoming vegan:

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