Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer salad with almost everything

And this was my creation today.

Me: French style today?
He: What?
Me: The dressing with mustard and garlic?
He: Yes.

I cut everything that I had at home: cocktail tomatoes, celery sticks, carrots, cucumber, pepper, garlic, a little onion, mushrooms, green salad.

Today I did it very correctly. First I mixed the dressing in the bowl: olive oil, white vinegar (half of the oil), one table spoon terragon mustard, NO salt, but garlic. Bit by bit I added the vegetables and mixed it. The salad leaves I added at the end.

We had olive bread with it.

Now I clean the kitchen and then I cut the sugar melon.....This shall be our dessert.
And tomorrow we'll be a kilo lighter, despite the red wine. Yep!!!!!

Oh French vegan exists, too:

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