Monday, August 09, 2010

Be creative

I used to eat mozarella with tomatoes, but mushrooms to tomatoes look beautifully, too and it is vegan. I put basil leaves on it. The dressing is balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Finished.

I had a piece of bread with it with soy margarine. Probably a French baguette would have been better.
I liked this dinner, fresh, raw, tasty.


Kala said...

Just wanted to connect you with my friend who is raw food, life food vegan, her blog is, she's in the U.S. I"m a yogini and happened on your blog. Namaste.

Debb said...

I love your simple yet beautiful food suggestions, Ursula. You inspire me to eat more simply but with effort to make it pretty.

Ursula said...

Yeah, it's worth to get back to a healthy life style again and again.
I get lost in the food jungle, too, much too often.

My yoga practice is so much better when I eat healthy, it's incredible. This motivated me to do something nice today again.

Simplicity is a good advice here, too.