Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 2

My lunch today. It can be easy to eat vegan. 

This is my free style starter, a salad. I looked what was in the fridge. I had tomatoes, rucola lettuce, a celery stick, a carrot, mushrooms. I couldn't use up everything. I put the ingredients on the plate and spiced it up with bit of salt and pepper. Sesame oil and cranberry balsam vinegar was the dressing.

It's good advice to have different oils and vinegars at home.

Yesterday the book by Attila Hildman "Vegan for fit" arrived. I had to test this recipe and it was so delicious.

I cut the broccoli and put it in a pan with water to boil it. It lasts only about 4 minutes till it's soft.
Very special is the sauce. For 1 person it's 60 gr almond mush, half a citron, 40ml still mineral water, salt, pepper.
Attila added roasted almonds that he cut after roasting. And he added 2 chilies. I had no chillies at home and this was OK, too.

Finally I know how to eat my broccoli. This sauce makes this meal very very good.

The sauce is filling and delicious. 


Oz said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe Ursula. I will try the broccoli sauce today

Oz said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will try the sauce today