Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 3

I had planned to try something new from the cooking book by Attila Hildmann, the most famous vegan cook in Germany. It was an adventure to find the ingredients. I got everything. But I don't want to throw away vegetables or lettuce. At home I changed my mind. I cut what was in the fridge: carrot, celery stick, tomatoes, mushrooms. I had still this sauce from yesterday and topped the salad with it.

As dessert I had this vanilla pudding, not self-made. It's always a fast solution for a dessert.

On my way home I had stopped at a restaurant to sit outside. The weather was too good and I wanted to write my journal. I was hungry due to my shopping spree and ate a bruschetta. It's vegan. When I saw it, I realized why it was not good to order it. It's recommended not to eat white bread during the 30 days. Last but not least I'm flexible. I always search for solution that are simple, practical.

I'd say: day 3 of my "30 days vegan challenge" was a success, too. 

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